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Elements of a Wedding

  There are a number of traditional elements that are typically included in a wedding ceremony, as well as some unique ideas to consider adding to your wedding ceremony. Below is a traditional order for a ceremony.

  1. Processional
  2. Welcome
  3. Declaration of Intent
  4. Readings
  5. Charge to Couple
  6. Exchange of Vows
  7. Exchange of Rings
  8. Pronouncement and Kiss
  9. Recessional


If your wedding is in a venue that has a coordinator or you have a Day-of-Coordinator they will help you

with the order of the processional. We can help you with this order in case you do not have someone to help you.


Your Officiant will welcome guest, 

Declaration of Intent

 The words spoken at this time declare the couple's intention to marry. The declaration is customarily made by the Bride and Groom, each answering “I do” or “I will” in response to a question presented by the Officiant. 


 Readings consist of one or more selections (poems, lyrics, stories, etc.) to be read aloud during carefully selected moments throughout the ceremony. The selections are meant to convey a feeling or message that provides a window into the couple's unique world and may be read by a friend, family member or the Officiant. 

Charge to Couple

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